Warranty and Care/Maintenance

Our warranty is included on the invoice that you receive when the work is done and the care/maintenance sheet is stapled to that same invoice. For those who are inquiring about our service or for those who have used us in the past but have lost their invoice and care sheet, below is the information you need.

Warranty ( Verification of Completed Work )

I have reviewed the resurfacing job completely by the LECTROGLAZ Technician signed below and have found it satisfactory. I have received, read and understand the ” CARE AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS”. I understand the resurfaced item is guaranteed for five years from date the original work was completed, and that no claims resulting from misuse, chips, scratches or worn surfaces can be honored. I also understand that if, upon inspection, the material and/or application prove defective, LECTROGLAZ’s obligation will be to repair the defective portion only.

Care And Maintenance

  • Do not use surface for 2 to 3 days from this date:______________________ temperature must be maintained at 70 degrees or above during those days.
  • Although the refinished surface can be put back into service after this time, the surface will actually require up to 90 days to fully cure.
  • Clean finish regularly with a non-abrasive, non-bleach cleaner that is safe for an acrylic surface, using a ScotchBrite light-duty sponge.
  • Do not lay soap, shampoo bottles, or any other objects on finished surface. We prefer the use of a shower caddy instead.
  • Faucets must be properly maintained by the owner and user. Leaky faucets WILL erode the new finish, causing damage to drain area.
  • Destruction of the finish may occur through improper use of acid bearing compounds, such as drain openers or tile grout cleaners. All Chemicals must be kept away from the finish such as, but not limited to, cosmetics, hair dyes, bleach, medicines, perfumes, of which may stain or mar the finish.
  • Do not use a bathmat with suction cups – installation of a permanent anti-slip bottom is available at a small extra cost.