Sink Refinishing

Whether  you have an antique pedestal, wall hung, or common bowl sink, Lectroglaz can repair and refinish your fixture in any color to match the rest of your bathroom. We can even do cultured marble sinks and countertops.

Why Refinish Sinks?

The old world charm antique pedestal and wall hung sinks give to bathrooms is unique, in other words, they symmetrically and decoratively  fit the bathrooms they were meant to be in.  To keep them looking nice is hard, since they have gone through years and years of use. They have become chipped, worn, and sometimes the cast iron is showing through the porcelain. Lectroglaz can repair all chips and worn areas and reglaze the fixture to its original beauty. This process can be used on all sinks including those that are just the wrong color. So don’t throw away good fixtures, have them reglazed the Lectroglaz way.

Before and After Pictures