Bathtub Refinishing


Over time, your bathtub can show signs of wear and tear or just have an outdated color. Replacing your bathtub can be an expensive and time consuming project. Lectroglaz can repair and refinish your existing bathtub without removing it.

Why Refinish a Bathtub?

The actual cost and difficulty of removing and replacing a bathtub is much more than you would expect. Dislodging the old bathtub involves removing layers of tile and existing plumbing, which could result in unexpected and costly problems. Installing the new one could be next to impossible since houses are typically built around bathtubs during the initial construction. Refinishing your bathtub, on the other hand, offers a time and cost effective way of renewing your bathroom without additional delays caused by replacement. Bathtubs can be reglazed in any color and back in use in only 48 hours.

Before and After Pictures