What is Lectroglazing? Through chemical technology, we have developed a method of restoring the original beauty to bathtubs, bathroom sinks, wall tile, and shower/enclosures in any color. Lectroglaz is the low-cost resurfacing of your original bathroom which ends the mess and high cost of rebuilding and replacing.

Sink Refinishing

Whether you have an antique pedestal, wall hung, or a common bowl sink, Lectroglaz can repair and refinish your fixture in any color to match the rest of your bathroom. We can even do cultured marble sinks and countertops.

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Bathtub Refinishing

Over time, your bathtub can show signs of wear and tear or just have an outdated color. Lectroglaz can repair and refinish your built-in bathtub or claw-foot bathtub without removing it.

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Tile Refinishing

Tile refinishing is the easiest and most efficient way to remodel an old bathroom or kitchen. Besides giving the tile a new look, the Lectroglaz process includes repairing, regrouting, and recaulking of the wall tile.

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Shower & Enclosure Refinishing

Most acrylic tub enclosures and shower units can become dull and hard to clean or have some odd color from the past. However, because tub enclosures and shower units are installed when the house is halfway built, to remove them is a bigger task then most people think. Lectroglaz can restore the original unit to a high gloss, in any color, and all in one day.

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